Cologne, 04-16-2020Emons Air & Sea will also be pleased to organize the logistics for your protection-mask imports


Logistics for protecting masks

Emons is operating airfreight by fullcharter

Flight capacity is very limited due to the cancellation of most passenger flights and therefore expensive. Due to the enormous demand for transports of protective masks, Emons Air & Sea is exploring new paths and chartering full aircraft under its own direction. Emons‘ „go global“ strategic orientation is thereby being further advanced.

The first full charter landed in Frankfurt am Main on 10 April. On board a converted passenger aircraft were exclusively protection masks. Not only the cargo space but also the passenger compartment was used for this purpose. The second aircraft from Shanghai with protective masks, raw material for pandemic prevention devices and other freight arrived in Frankfurt on Easter Monday. The third aircraft is scheduled to take off from Shanghai on April 17, 2020. Four more flights in the next two weeks are already booked. The preparations for May are underway.

The organization of the flights, including pre- and onward carriage, is being handled by Air & Sea. Production can hardly keep up with demand. In the event of delayed delivery, special deliveries will also be made in China in order to reach the flight on time. Emons Air & Sea is supported locally by Founder in Shanghai. With Founder, Emons had recently set up the joint venture Founder & Emons Ltd. in Taipei.

Wearing masks when shopping and in business life is a precept of the German government. The aim is to prevent the infection rate from rising, if protective measures are relaxed. Do you need support in organizing your protection mask imports? We are here for you with advice, action and capacities. Please send your request to air-sea@emons.com.